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What HIMYM means to us: Cobie, Neil

Cheap talk and expensive lies

Journal of the Walking Contradiction

Because this is awesome enough to post...
What HIMYM means to us: Cobie, Neil
Yeah yeah, I know I never post, but I had to share this (in case everyone hasn't seen it already).

Awesomeness aheadCollapse )

Writer's Block: Heroes and villains
What HIMYM means to us: Cobie, Neil
Who was your favorite childhood superhero, and why?

Bruce Wayne. Not Batman, Bruce Wayne. Because he had to deal with his parents' death, and he had to deal with the darkness inside himself. Because he had to wear a mask to really be free into the night. Growing up, I could really relate to these things, not because I had a crappy childhood, but because my life was always very sheltered and nothing felt real. I wanted to wear a mask and jump over buildings, just to get away from the plastic-ness of basically everything. To this day he remains my favourite hero of all time :)

Oh hello LJ, so nice to see you again. Pointless post ahead!
What HIMYM means to us: Cobie, Neil
For my 19th birthday, my mother got me a teddy bear. A teddy bear.

First one I ever owned. Received on my 19th birthday.

Wow life, you can be weird. I'm nineteen for God's sake.

Anyway, I'm naming it Swarley. 

And hugging it as I type this. <3 <3 <3

(Ok, I guess my mother does know me after all)

/pointless post formatted like a demented poem